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Jack Adaptor

I Saw A Ghost CD Album

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Release Date: 06/05/2016

Discs: 1

I Saw A Ghost is the fifth album from Jack Adaptor.

“with this album the pair have settled into a groove that surpasses all that has come before it.”  No Crowdsurfing

I Saw A Ghost was recorded mostly in Camberwell across 2007/8, after acoustically demoing a vast raft of songs which PF and CC had written in a conscious effort to get back to writing as a face-to-face duo as opposed to the sending and re-sending of computer files.

CC expanded the musical palette, using Fender Rhodes, vibes, flugelhorn and a mixture of voices to give an expanded texture to the record. There is a water theme – rivers, oil, canals, the sea, swimming pools, petrol  – which was discovered after the fact.

1. Born Wise
2. Tight Angle
3. Burmah Gold
4. Asleep In The Canal
5. South Beach Serenade
6. Swimming Pool Lies
7. Old Man Drunk
8. Little Meanings
9. The Pebble Sea
10. Last Minute Gifts
11. Beatles Of Metal
12. Laughing After Gas