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The Auteurs

Now I'm A Cowboy Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £16.00

Release Date: 24/11/2014

Discs: 1

Originally released in May 1994, Now I’m A Cowboy was The Auteurs second album. Produced by Phil Vinall and Luke Haines, it was a more than worthy successor to the Mercury Music Prize nominated New Wave and is home to probably their best known song, Lenny Valentino.

The long unavailable LP is once again available on heavyweight LP and comes with an MP3 download card.

Side A
1. Lenny Valentino
2. Brainchild
3. I'm A Rich Man's Toy
4. New French Girlfriend
5. The Upper Classes

Side B
6. Chinese Bakery
7. A Sister Like You
8. Underground Movies
9. Life Classes / Life Model
10. Modern History
11. Daughter Of A Child