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Leave The Straight Life Behind CD Album

CD £10.99

Release Date: 21/04/2014

Discs: 2


BOB's only 'proper' album is available again for the first time in many years and has been expanded to 2CDs. The second disc includes all four of their Radio 1 sessions, 3 for John Peel and 1 for Simon Mayo.

Legend has it that a chance meeting with John Peel in the Rough Trade record shop set BOB on the road to becoming a true indie favourite in the late 80s and early 90s, with Peel championing the band throughout their career. Starting life in 1986, the band released a series of acclaimed singles and with each single release, they toured and promised an album. Eventually they got enough money together to release Leave The Straight Life Behind on their own House Of Teeth label in 1991. The album met with rave reviews but due to the collapse of Rough Trade Distribution it was frustratingly difficult to find. Until now!

Disc 1
Leave The Straight Life Behind - the album

1. Skylark III
2. Nothing For Something
3. Who You Are
4. Old Jean Blues
5. Take Take Take
6. Skylark II
7. Trousercide
8. Saying Goodbye
9. 95 Tears
10. The Belly
11. Leave The Straight Life Behind

Bonus Tracks
12. Many Strings
13. Come Winter
14. Bloodline
15. Another Crow

Disc 2
The BBC Sessions
John Peel Session #1
1. Trousercide
2. Kirsty
3. Esmerelda Brooklyn
4. Brian Wilson's Bed

Simon Mayo Session
5. Times Like These
6. Just Like You
7. Smelly Summer

John Peel #2
8. Who You Are
9. Scarecrow
10. So Far So Good
11. It Was Kevin

John Peel #3
12. Extension 'BOB', Please!
13. Throw Away The Key
14. Bloodline
15. Wild West 9

BBC Humberside
16. Convenience
17. Demons
18. Uphill down
19. Scarecrow