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Baader Meinhof

Baader Meinhof - Baader Meinhof

CD £9.99

Release Date: 17/02/2014

Discs: 1

Essentially a Luke Haines solo album, Baader Meinhof was originally released in September1996. Taking its name from two renowned members of The Red Army Faction, the album tells the story of the organisation and was recorded by Haines between Auteurs albums.

Long unavailable, the album has been remastered and expanded with 5 bonus tracks, including 4 previously unreleased tracks taken from a remix EP that was never commercially released.

The album will come with brand new sleevenotes by Luke Haines.

1. Baader Meinhof
2. Meet Me at the Airport
3. There's Gonna be an Accident
4. Mogadishu
5. Theme From Burn, Warehouse, Burn
6. GSG - 29
7. ....It's a Moral Issue
8. Back on the Farm
9. Kill Ramirez
10. Baader Meinhof

Bonus Material
1. I’ve Been A Fool For You
2. Baader Meinhof (Confrontation Remix)*
3. There’s Gonna Be An Accident (Fuse Remix)*
4. There’s Gonna Be An Accident (Muziq remix) *
5.God Is War – (Dalai Llama Remix) *

* previously unreleased