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Five Thirty

Five Thirty - Bed - Expanded Edition

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Release Date: 25/11/2013

Discs: 2

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What you have in your hand was our brief offering.  Treasure it, place it somewhere high in the room.  It's the sound of hearts left on pavements, it's the sound of Five Thirty. –Tara Milton 5.30


Bed was Five Thirty's only album and featured the singles Abstain!, You, and 13th Disciple.  Originally released in 1991, it is now available as a 2-CD package with the original album, the Air Conditioned Nightmare EP, an extra CD of B-sides and unreleased radio sessions and demos including tracks from what would have been their second album. 


The 34 track set is luxuriously packaged in a triple fold digipack and includes a 16-page booklet with extensive sleeve notes plus contributions by band members Tara & Phil.

Original Album, remastered
1. Supernova
2. Psycho Cupid
3. Junk Male
4. 13th Disciple
5. Strange Kind Of Urgency
6. You
7. Songs And Paintings
8. Womb With A View
9. Automatons
10. Wrapped In Blue
11. Abstain
12. Catcher In The Rye

Air Conditioned Nightmare EP
13. Air Conditioned Nightmare
14. Judy Jones
15. The Things That Turn You On
16. Mistress Daydream

1. Coming Up For Air (Abstain b-side)
2. Hate Male (13th Disciple b-side)
3. Out To Get In (13th Disciple b-side)
4. Come Together (13th Disciple b-side)
5. Still Life (Supernova b-side)
6. Something’s Got To Give (Supernova b-side)
7. Cuddly Drug (You b-side)
8. Slow Train To The Ocean (You b-side)
9. Judy Jones (BB'adio One session – 1990) *
10. Air Conditioned Nightmare (BBC Radio One session – 1990) *
11. Abstain (BBC Radio One session – 1990) *
12. Strange Kind Of Urgency (BBC Radio One session – 1990) *
13. Apple Something (demo) *
14. Beseech Me Baby (demo) *
15. She’s Got It Bad (demo) *
16. Barbie Ferrari (demo) *
17. When I’m Stoned (demo) *
18. Song Of No Intention (demo) *

* previously unreleased