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Longpigs - On And On: The Anthology

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Release Date: 29/04/2013

Discs: 2

On And On: The Anthology is 32 tracks across 2CDs charting almost the full recording career of one of the coolest bands to ever call Sheffield, Steel City home.

Crispin Hunt, Richard Hawley, Simon Stafford and Dee Boyle formed Longpigs in 1993. Never a band to deliberately court commerciality, they were a band to inspire and well over a decade later you can still tune that radio dial and hear their songs sounding as fresh and innovative as the day they were crafted. The set gathers together all the singles, including five Top 40 hits, amongst them the indie anthems She Said, Far, Jesus Christ and Lost Myself, plus key tracks from their two albums, The Sun Is Often Out and Mobile Home.

There are also several major b-sides most notably Tendresse, an early Richard Hawley penned track signposting the glittering career to follow, and five previously unreleased tracks, including tracks from their two BBC Radio 1 Sessions.

1. She Said
2. Jesus Christ
3. Far
4. On And On (American Mix)
5. Lost Myself (Single Version)
6. Sally Dances
7. Happy Again
8. All Hype
9. Dozen Wicked Words
10. Blue Skies
11. The Frank Sonata
12. Gangsters
13. I Lied I Love You
14. Free Toy
15. (The Man Who Found) Elvis
16. In The Snow
17. Dance Baby Dance
18. Miss Believer

1. Tendresse (She Said B-Side)
2. Sweetness (Jesus Christ b–side)
3. Vagina Sun (Jesus Christ B-side)
4. Far (Sheffield Version) (Far B-Side)
5. Blah Blah Blah (Far B-Side)
6. Your Face (On & On B-Side)
7. When You’re Alone (Lost Myself B-Side)
8. Floss (Lost Myself B-Side)
9. (The Man Who Found) Elvis - Radio One Session 16.8.1995 *
10. All Hype - Radio One Session 16.8.1995 *
11. Headaches (Blue Skies B-side)
12. New York (Frank B-Side)
13. The Frank Sonata (Rae & Christian Mix)
14. Free Toy - Radio One Session 7.9.1999 *
15. Gangsters - Radio One Session 7.9.1999 *

* previously unreleased